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Coffee Beans

Coffee beans produce an exotic aroma and taste that is as varied as grapes are for vine, ranging from the volcanic Jamaican Blue Mountains to the wet lands Papua New Guinea

Coffee Machines

We can now make perfect cappuccinos, lattes and espressos at home with reliable and fast professional grade coffee machines. With multiple styles available, your budget is the only limit


Top 10 Caffeine Health Benefits

Coffee is full of caffeine, some 200-400mg per 100 grams. But what is caffeine and how does it affect our bodies. Caffeine is a powerful drug and we’re going to look into the top 10 health benefits you get from it. Remember though, like a lot of drugs, caffeine can be addictive and excessive consumption […]


6 Things you may not know about coffee houses

Here’s a list of some of the things you may not be aware about regarding your local coffee house. Whether its Costa, Nero, Starbucks or a small independent store down the road, you can be sure that some of these apply. How much caffeine is in my coffee?! If you’ve got a dull meeting ahead of you, […]

Coffee Pod Bosch TASSIMO TAS4011

Top 5 Bosch Tassimo Coffee Pod Machines for 2017

If you’re in the market for buying a new Bosch Tassimo coffee machine then we have the 5 best Tassimo machines just for you! If you’re looking to buy one of these Tassimo pod machines you’ve probably already researched how they work, in which case you can jump ahead to our first Tassimo mini review. […]


Tips for buying the best coffee machine

The coffee machine is one of the few appliances in the kitchen where research is definitely key in helping you get the right product for you. Learning how to buy a coffee machine, what features you’re looking for, and what are just gimmicks, is hopefully what this article will help you think about. We’re not […]

Nescafe Dolce Gusto coffee pod system £40

Best Top 5 Cheap Coffee Machines for 2017

When it comes to finding a cheap coffee machine, it pays to do your home work. While you can easily spend hundreds if not thousands, on a coffee maker, the majority of people are looking for a decent cheap coffee machine that makes them a nice cup of coffee (reliably!). Cheap doesn’t mean bad, we […]


De’Longhi Eletta Bean to Cup ECAM44.660.B – Save over £250

Today the rather sophisticated looking De’Longhi Eletta Bean to Cup ECAM44.660.B coffee machine is coming under our watchful eye. When reviewing numerous coffee machines they seem to conform to one of only a few different looks, however the ECAM44, with its blocky yet angular design seems to want to conform to nobody. On review I […]


Bosch TAS7002GB Tassimo – Reviewed – Only £99!

This week we review the TAS7002GB Tassimo multi-beverage coffee machine made by Bosch, a great little machine that accepts coffee capsules. This funky little machine comes in either mystery black or majestic white, those aren’t what I’m calling them, that’s their actual names. On review of the product I thought it was ingenious in how […]


The glass Ninja CF060 Coffee Bar – Only £99.99

We’re going a bit retro this Monday. We’re beginning the working week by looking at the Ninja CF060 Coffee Bar, Glass Edition, a beautiful piece of technology and construction that surely is needed in everyones life. From its look to its brew-quality I thought it was awesome, so below is my review of the CF060 […]


Coffee Loyalty Cards – Are you being ripped off?

We all have one, some of us may have many, but which high street coffee loyalty card is really worth racking up money are. Recent research by Wales Online have attempted to get to the bottom of which high street loyalty card is the best value for money, the results were quite staggering. You might […]


BERG Toccare Uno Series One Review – £425

Today I thought I’d review the Toccare Uno B Series One coffee machine made by BERG, a amazing coffee maker that would look great in any kitchen or office. While reviewing BERG’s Toccare, I was impressed by the flavorful drink it produced. I hope you’ll find this product review beneficial; it highlights several of the […]